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Find new playing partners, competitive leagues and more with UK Sports Leagues.

Sign up now for next season. All leagues will be starting on the 1st of April 2021. 


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We have a range of sports leagues across the UK. These leagues are competitive and are run over three months. Play against evenly matched players at a venue of your choice.

Join UK Sports leagues and meet new players in your area. Play against them in our leagues or join a local group to find new partners to play. 

We will be running annual knockout competitions across all sports with UKSL. These knockout competitions will be county-specific and run over six months.

Featured Leagues 

Tennis Court

Cranbrook Tennis League


Tennis Court

Cranbrook Tennis League


Tennis Court

Tunbridge Wells Golf League

Scratch League


“Uk Sports Leagues has been a great way to find new partners and play local league matches against new players. It's been great fun!” 


—  Flora Macpherson, Tennis Member


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