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Welcome to our Golf page. We currently host 12 Golf leagues throughout Kent & East Sussex. In each area, we host three standards of league. These are Non-Official Handicaps, Official Handicaps and Scratch. Our leagues have been designed to maximise participation; each league can have unlimited players. This allows you to have a wide range of competition, play many matches and meet new people in your area. 

Non-Official Handicaps - These leagues are great for players who can't get a handicap or aren't members of a golf club. Each players handicaps will be reviewed depending on the results of the matches. This is a great way to get into competitive golf. 

Official Handicaps - These leagues are for players who have an official handicap. All matches are matchplay, and both players will receive 80% of their full handicap.

Scratch - These leagues are open to anyone regardless of handicap. Both players will receive no shots on the round. These leagues are designed for low handicap players who regularly score in the 70s/80s. (But if you're brave enough, anyone can enter). 

We are always looking to improve our leagues and expand our locations. If you want to join a league or suggest a location to us, please let us know. 

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