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About Us

About Us

UK Sports Leagues helps you find local competition for Badminton, Golf, Squash and Tennis. Our leagues are designed to help you find like-minded people who will give you competitive matches in your sport.

Our leagues tables are updated as the season goes on so you know exactly where you stand in the league. Matches are arranged by the players with no restrictions on times or days as long as they are completed within the season. 

Although our leagues have competitive aspects, our core focus is on creating fun and friendly leagues for everyone to enjoy and get the most out of.

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What Is UK Sports Leagues

UK Sports Leagues hosts competitive sports leagues for Badminton, Golf, Squash and Tennis across the UK. All of our leagues are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced to ensure everyone has access to a league of their ability. Our leagues run over three months, allowing players to have freedom with organising their matches. ​

Why UK Sports Leagues?

We understand that most sports clubs will have internal sports leagues for you to join; however, UK Sports Leagues offers something different and more exciting. This is because of the broader range of competition, meaning you will have a larger, more diverse pool of opponents that you would usually get at your club. 

We also understand that some clubs don't have regular leagues to enter. The standard can vary a considerable amount in the same league, making it difficult for less experienced players to do well and succeed. 

Our vision is to connect players in the local area to help create a sense of community, competition and fun. 


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