Tennis Practice


How Do I Choose My Standard?

We have come up with a rough guide to help you choose the correct standard league. We advise you to choose a league that you would feel most comfortable in, if that league is too difficult or easy you can try a different standard next season. For our league guides see below. Badminton , Golf , Squash and Tennis

When Do I Play My Matches?

Once the league season has started, we encourage you to organise your matches as soon as possbile to make sure you can fit them all in. Each season is over a 3-month period which should give everyone plenty of time to finish all their matches. You can play your matches anytime you wish between the start and end date of the league.

How Many Matches Will I Play?

If your league is full, you will have a total of 6 matches over the season. We will run a league with a minimum of 5 players (This will give you a total of 4 matches over a season).

Does My Entry Fee Cover Venue Costs?

Our league entry fee doesn't cover any costs other than entry to the league. This allows us to give prizes and continue to run our leagues.

Who Pays For The Venue Hire?

There are a few different options when it comes to venue hire, if you are playing at a mutual venue then you should split the cost of the hire. If you are playing with a member of a club then the cost of the hire could be free or less than full rate. Regarding golf you will have to pay your own green fee. If you are playing with a member of the club you may get a discount on your round. Please play both home and away matches to make it fair on everyone in your league.

What Happens If I Don't Finish All My Matches?

If it gets to the end of the season and you haven't finished all your matches neither player will recieve any points for the remaining matches.

What If I Don't Get Any Responses From Other Players?

If you dont hear back from other players in your group we will try to stay on top of the communication and help get people back on track. If it happens more than once with the same player they may be removed from the league.