How To Score A Game Of Squash

If you're new to squash or want to brush up on your knowledge about the game, this is the blog for you.

Squash is an entertaining and fast-paced game that is played all across the UK and world. Below we will explain how to score a squash game, so you will know exactly what you're doing when you take on your first opponent.

Scoring A Point

Scoring a point can happen one of four ways; these are as follows:

- The ball bounces twice before you or your opponent hits the ball.

- The ball hits the backboard (or net).

- The ball goes outside the line of play.

- If the player interferes or prevents their opponent from hitting the ball.

How Do We Score?

There are two types of scoring in squash, the first is called 'PAR', this is usually played first to 11 points, and you can score on either your serve or your opponents serve.

The second is more of a traditional way to score a squash match. You will play first to 9 points but can only score when you are serving if you win the point on your opponents serve you win the right to serve, not a point.

The 'PAR' scoring is now the official scoring system for professional and the majority of ammeter games.

How Many Games Do We Play?

When you play a squash match you will generally play best of 5 games. This can be decided before the match starts by the players, or if your in a tournament the guidelines will be outlined before the start.

What Are The Rules Of Squash?

You can either play squash as singles (One vs One) or doubles (Two vs Two). The game's main objective is to hit the ball with your racket within the boundaries of the court. When you hit your shot, it can hit any wall first as long as it hits the back wall at some point.

You can play a let in squash if your opponent accidentally gets in the way of you when you're attempting to get to the ball. If they do this on purpose, this is called a foul.

When a squash game gets to 10 - 10, a player must win by two points clear; an example would be 12 - 10. When you start a point one foot must be inside the service box, this also applies to your opponent.

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