What Is UK Sports Leagues?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

UK Sports Leagues is a new platform which was launched in February 2021. Our goal is to create new sports leagues across the UK, enabling people to compete when and where it suits them. UK Sports Leagues is unique because you don't have to be tied to a club to compete, we accept anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to play and compete regardless of standard. Below we have outlined a few UK Sports Leagues areas that will help you get started!

1. Joining A-League

UK Sports Leagues has started its journey in the South East of England, covering counties such as Kent and East Sussex. Currently, we have the following leagues available to join. All leagues cover all abilities from beginner to advanced.

- 6 Badminton leagues in Kent

- 6 Golf leagues in Kent

- 3 Golf leagues in East Sussex

- 6 Squash leagues in Kent

- 15 Tennis leagues in Kent

- 3 Tennis leagues in East Sussex

This is just the start of our journey, and we will be adding many more leagues across the country shortly. If you would like to join a league, but there isn't one near you, please visit Register Interest to suggest a location.

2. Competing In A-League

We created UK Sports Leagues to help increase competition across the UK, by joining a league you will never be short on opponents to play against. Our ranking system not only rewards you for winning matches but also participation.

Our leagues run over three months four times a year, this means there will always be an active league near you with players ready to compete. To find out more about our seasons, please check out UKSL Seasons.

3. Social Play

At UK Sports Leagues we want to help keep you active and play more of the sport you love. This is where our social play will help, by registering for UK Sports Leagues you will be able to join a local group which enables you to meet new players in your area. You can play against these players socially or against them for league ranking points.

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